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does this need AC or can i use DC, incase i break or loose the power supply


Aug 9, 2021
The power supply converts AC to DC, and the DC is what powers the amp. There are separate SKUs for the 120VAC and the 240VAC as the 120VAC is generally used in the U.S., and the 240VAC abroad with some less than obvious exceptions. The amp itself comes in two flavors, the first being standard gain, and the other being medium gain. So, there’s ultimately four SKUs to choose from depending on (a) how much gain you require, and (b) which AC to DC adapter you need for your locality. Regarding the power adapter, they’re easy enough to find and replace if you ever need to do so. They’re practically a dime a dozen on sites such as Amazon and eBay. You could probably even reach out to Drop Support and purchase an original from them, but I have not verified this. If you take a look at NwAvGuy’s original post regarding the O2 amplifier, you’ll see that the O2 is designed to take 2 - 9V batteries as a source. A quick Google search turns up power supplies in the neighborhood of 15V, 16V, etc., so two 9V batteries connected in series should get you there as basic electronics theory teaches us that voltage is added in series, and current in parallel. You may need to throw a resistor into the mix, but why bother?! You’ll quickly find some very inexpensive adapters to choose from! The best advice I could give you is to simply find a good stationary spot for your O2 and keep the cables out of view, so nobody trips on them. It’s a desktop amp anyhow, so if you need to bring a headphone amp with you this is definitely not it. I really wouldn’t worry about the adapter/cable. Just buy it and enjoy the amp! ✌️
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