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Any way to add mic to it? Not sure what would fit this headset...

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May 4, 2021
Your best bet for adding a mic is going to be using an antlion modmic or a v-moda boompro. I've used the v-moda boompro with my TX-0 (T50RP) headphones and it works fine. The only issue with the boompro is that the headphones and mic share a ground wire, so if you plug the headphones into a AMP/DAC, and the mic into your onboard mic input, you may end up with a ground loop that hums in the headphones. Plugging both into just your onboard audio will get rid of the ground loop and there will be no hum. I just plug straight into my AMP when I'm listening to music, then swap to the boompro when gaming with friends.
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