Help understanding.

Audiophiles of drop, I want to begin understanding audiophile stuff but I need to talk one on one with someone that understands all of this. If anyone is interested in talking about this stuff my discord tag is Vault#9536
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I am like you and received my first pair of Audiophile headphones this past Christmas. On top of that the headphones I have are the worlds best wireless audiophile headphone which has made getting info even harder. When it comes to this kind of technical thing, I have no issues in saying I’m an idiot and when people start using all the technical words, it’s like Charlie Browns Teacher talking. I will say one thing, the individuals and owners in my device Community Comment Section and the Audiophile Community group have been extremely helpful to me and I have learnt quite a bit from them. If there’s something I don’t understand, I ask it and someone always comes forward to assist me in understanding the technical terms that are being said. I truly love the open, bright and accurate soundstage that comes with audiophile headphones. Everything else is warm, overly bass heavy and muddied. Every time I put them back on after having my other pair of “normal” headphones on, they amaze me every time. Even tho I have tried to EQ my secondary pair of headphones to have a similar open, bright, accurate soundstage like the Drop Headphones do, it’s doesn’t even come close to the Drop Audiophile Headphones LOL. Boomer 🐼 🎧