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The future of the EDC and Outdoor Communities

Hi everyone,   You may have noticed some changes to our site over the last few months that emphasize the Audiophile and Mechanical Keyboard Communities. We have seen tremendous growth in these Communities, and after much deliberation we have made the decision to focus our resources on these two Communities exclusively.   Over the last four years we have built a strong following and portfolio of products in the Everyday Carry and Outdoors Communities. To narrow our focus, we are transitioning our Drop Studio EDC and Outdoors products to Amazon.   We will be sunsetting the Everyday Carry and Outdoors Communities on on March 23rd. Product pages will still be accessible by direct links or searching, and will retain their reviews and discussion sections. We are pleased to announce these products will continue to be available for purchase exclusively on Amazon. Moreover, new products will launch directly on Amazon, delivering new community-inspired products on the world's largest retail platform. Updates on these products will be shared via email to our existing Everyday Carry and Outdoor members.   This shift in focus will result in more consistent in-stock availability of these products, and will provide access to Amazon’s Prime 2-day shipping, as well as Amazon’s convenient return policy.    The Drop Store is currently live on Amazon with many of our products, with more being added every week. Please check our current stock of EDC and Outdoor gear below, and be sure to check back regularly for updates and additions.   We will also be sunsetting Watches on, effective March 23rd. Any Watches-related product runs you’ve joined won’t be affected, and you’ll still see a few runs in our More Community Picks section.    From community polls and comment threads to the retail stage of the world, we couldn't have made these products without your contributions. While this is a big shift, we're excited to continue offering the Drop experience to new and existing customers through our partnership with Amazon.   Thank you, Drop
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A community member
Sep 24, 2021
no wonder all i could find was useless shit.
Sep 16, 2021
wtf keyboard caps and headphone shit are for nerd fags
Sep 7, 2021
I don't know why you decided on making keyboards when the new marvel ones are boring and lazy. They are just the characters signature colors and one or two custom key designs. Also exporting you should export all your communities to amazon so they handle the shipping side of things. That doesn't explain why you still don't list them on this site and when clicked link use to the amazon page. Having your catalog fragmented like this will drop you site views to only the communities left.
Sep 4, 2021
Just getting into EDC and found that Drop is getting out of it. Way to torpedo your own business and destroy the goodwill of the community....
Aug 24, 2021
I have been using this site from the conception and have seen it evolve over the years. There was a moment when there even was a weed community to show how much they we willing to explore. This place seems to have killed itself as I doubt I will need another headset for 5+ years and I could care less about the keyboards. A shame that is literally abandoned what they represented back in the day.
Aug 16, 2021
Sad sad sad.
Aug 15, 2021
You guys dug your own graves it seems.
Jul 31, 2021
I joined massdrop years ago and really enjoyed the edc, blade and outdoor communities. I didn't purchase a lot but it was great to scroll through the products and see what's new and upcoming. Your choice is a big mistake and as I can see, I'm not alone with this opinion... You guys really messed up your own company. Have fun with your headphones and keyboards...
Jul 31, 2021
Lost a customer.. I could care less about keyboard junk, and I dont need a 4th pair of headphones... Im out.
I also apparently missed the announcement.That's a bummer! Although, that does explain why I've kept looking at drop emails over the last few months and thought to myself, "What happened to the good stuff? Why is it all annoying crap? Where are the pocket knives, belts, pens, EDC items, flashlights, etc?". I do wish you guys would make this a little more apparent on the site, so those of us who come expecting all of the stuff we've come to love about this site have an easier time realizing why it's no longer of any interest to them. Aw, well. I'm glad I managed to pick up some cool stuff before the focus shifted just such a narrow extreme.
Sep 11, 2021
Me too. I'm out.
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