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Brand We Love: Rhodia

We’re spotlighting a selection of companies that help make Massdrop the community it is today. From big names to lesser-knowns, these are the brands we can’t stop talking about at the Massdrop HQ.
About Rhodia
Rhodia is named for the Rhône River that runs near Lyon, France, where the company was founded in 1932. Legend has it that the two fir trees in the logo symbolize the two founding brothers, who came from a family of paper merchants. A favorite among writers, designers, and artists, Rhodia makes high-quality paper goods that perform especially well with fountain pens, and its notebooks have earned a cult following.
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What do you think about Rhodia?
BlueCrowned, martih0427, and 16 others

When are you guys going to offer the No. 18 size again? You used to have it quite regularly and I'm running low!!
I've loved Rhodia notebooks since I first stumbled on one a few decades ago in an art supply store. (It was a top bound, purse-sized grid notebook - just the right size for journal entries and sketches.) I'm super glad that Rhodia is ne of the brands I can regularly find on Massdrop!.