Fix my BeatsX or embrace my inner audiophile?

Broke off warranty pair of BeatsX have around 100$ to spend, and it would cost 80$ to fix. Do I fix them or go for a diferent pair of earbuds(preferably wireless). I'd love to hear some opinions or suggestions.
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Embrace that inner Audiophile! although.........
you may have to expand your budget. yes. just a tad.

Question; what do you listen to? Knowing your listening tastes helps us give you good focussed recommendations. :)
May 15, 2018
And what about the current drop going on. These head phones seem perfect as I pretty much listen to everything. Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 In-Ear
so, what I have,(for BT), is a set of the PlusSound Bluetooth IEM and Headphone cables that have been offered here on Massdrop. I can use them on headphones that have the same connectoids as some IEMs that I own. The catch here is that you can really only use them on IEMs and LOW imp. cans, for anything like good quality. The build and sound of PlusSound Audio products is very very good, you can get heavily into custom cables with them. Their pricing is good, but I remember when their pricing was happily quite low for the same excellent quality as they offer today.
You will be quite pleased with the NuForce sound. Yes, I agree, it would be a good match for your prefs.
p.s. I applaud you asking good questions. I think people just getting started in a passion that can become very expensive should be more into asking questions and "listening" to experienced members of a community. Free advice is a great thing when you may be turning your wallet inside out one day......