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Dirty Walls, HD 6XX & Friends.


Apr 20, 2021
I see a beautiful stack there.......*looks at xduoo* Nice
bjvp182Thank you! And yes, I think that the TA-20 is indeed an awesome companion to the 6XX. It manages to keep a clean sound while adding a nice touch of warmth to it and improving its decent-to-average imaging and soundstage, especially with some aftermarket tubes pairs I've bought.
Apr 16, 2021
A+ for your application of a cantilever, good sir. The xDuoo must have a bit of heft.
eatkinolaHaha! Yes indeed, the TA-20 had its time there fighting with the carved mini-hockey stick lever pull ! But it worked as a temporary solution... Took this photo right after my first ride with the 6XX. I started just putting them back in the box they came with after this welcome shot. =)
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