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Been digging through YouTube channels for about a week since considering DROP + SENNHEISER HD 8XX. With such an investment (+AMD/DAC) I'm having a hard time identifying what suits me best. #1 Complaints about bass response 8XX. I love drums in metal and alternative music and it almost sounds like 800's just aren't for me. BUT I can't help but think that as a first step into the headphone world above $400 everything is going to be better then what I've experienced as long as it is something highly rated like the 800's can I go wrong for the DROP price? Or in other words; If I enjoy heavy music am I just WRONG for even considering the DROP + SENNHEISER HD 8XX?

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Jun 17, 2021
Yeah, I've pretty much moved on to the HIFIMAN Ayra and/or the Focal Clear MG Professional. Two totally different designs, and at the moment I'm leaning towards the Focal. With it's less demanding amp requirements compared to the Ayra the price difference seems to be the deciding factor after looking at all the pro and cons. Clear MG Professional in the mail but I think I'll be buying the 6XX for something different.
Jun 11, 2021
If metal is your thing, I don't think the HD800/8XX should be on top of your list.
Well I would advise against using price to judge headphones. The big selling point for the hd800s is the soundstage but the tonality isn't good. They do however EQ really well so if you are willing to make sacrifices for the soundstage or willing to EQ then they are a great pair of headphones.
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