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Best Schiit combos?

Choices choices!!

AMP: Thoughts on the Jotunheim versus the Valhalla 2 as an amp?
--I versus solid state. But thoughts on the better of the two for a fixed budget?

DAC: Thoughts on the Jotunheim's balanced DAC card versus the Modi 2 or Modi 2 Uber?
--not including the Modi 2 Multibit ($249) as the Jotunheim DAC card is not multibit. However, is the Modi 2 Multibit worth $100 extra versus the Modi 2 Uber??
--not including the Bifrost ($399) and Bifrost Multibit ($599) due to the costs.

Amp/DAC COMBO options: Thoughts on the best combo for a fixed budget?
  • Valhalla 2 at $349 plus Modi 2 at $99 [total $448]
  • Valhalla 2 at $349 plus Modi 2 Uber at $149 [total $498]
  • Jotunheim with balanced DAC card at $499
  • Jotunheim at $399 plus Modi 2 at $99 [total $498]
  • Jotunheim at $399 plus Modi 2 Uber at $149 [total $548]

Will Massdrop and Schiit make us happy with awesome deals?!
Kimber, ltopper, and 1 other

Asgard + Modi: accurate joy Valhalla 2 + Modi MB: bliss I've had the orginal Valhalla for years. And I played the crap out of it with Grados, and I *loved* the sound. I now have a Valhalla 2 on the way that I'm going to pair with a Soekris 1321, and I. Can't. Wait. :-D
although i personally haven't heard the Yggdrasil, people that i trust that have heard it, & highly recommend it over more expensive dacs for how it performs/sounds, not how it measures ... that doesn't mean that measurements are useless, quite the contrary, but the end result is what matters ... after all there are scores of people who prefer the sound of single ended no feedback 300b tube amps over everything else ... and their measurements aren't anything to "cream your jeans" over :-) peace, henry
OK, we get it, you don't like Schiit.... You are certainly in the minority. Love my Modi MB and Freya.
Is the conductor v2+ worth the money?
Also, is it possible to request a drop for this?
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Looks overrated at $1500
Create a poll, hopefully your "pony wins the race" and a distributor or manufacturer plays ball...
Also bump...
This might help or might not:
Looks like you're in the HD 6XX drop. Will you be using that headphone with these potential stacks?
Yes & thanks!
I bought the Modi Multibit, and from the comparison I've heard from other the other DACs is that it's worth every penny for the upgrade. I think it's price/performance is the best you will find for sound stage, and providing a fatigue free listening experience.
I would go with the Valhalla as I'm floored with how good my Vali 2 is, so much so, that its going to be the amp upgrade I make next. I think either amp choice is good, but the tubes are amazingly better with a great DAC and cans, and the Modi is very close to the next one up the Bifrost multibit ( same chip). That combo would be much better than the Jotunheim I feel. What headphones are you using them with?
Senn HD6xx 👍🏻 Thanks for the opinion!