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Best AMP/DAC to pair with my Fidelio x2's?

I am looking to purchase an AMP/DAC to pair with my x2's and my main use for them is gaming and music.
Any Suggestions?

The X2 is the least picky full sized can that I have in my collection as far as source. Can even be driven decently well from a controller HP out on consoles.
I just got some X2HRs specifically to go with my LG V30 because they are so easy to drive.
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If the newer LG's are at all like the V20/V10 before it you will see the output "mode" under the Hi-Fi DAC section in the Sound menu. The trigger was 50 ohm's in the past so the X2 at 32 ohms would be "normal" mode and would receive less power than loads with 50 ohms or higher.
I think the Oreo update got rid of that menu feature. I've never had that on my hi-fi dac menu even with 250ohm Senns plugged in.
Hi there the x2s are pretty easy to drive most amps will do maybe a fiio e10k on the budget side really depends on your budget. If you have a little more to play with maybe a schiit stack for around $200.