Jun 7, 2018

16 gig RAM?

I'm buying parts for my first build right now with about a $1000 price tag. I was wondering if anybody had any tips on what RAM to buy and whether to buy 2 8 gig sticks or 1 16 gig stick? Thank you so much, any feedback is helpful.

hey man if you can help it don't buy ram rn super inflated and leading companies distributers of ram are being looked into for artificially inflating prices by the ftc...
Go with 1x16 so that if you want to max it out later you don't have to replace it. As far as what RAM to buy, just check the benchmarking websites. They usually have pretty good data.
How many dimm slots does your motherboard have? Also what CPU?
If intel with 2 dimm slots, try 1x8GB to see if that's enough for the time being.
If Ryzen then you either should get 2 dimms to run dual channel as you'll see the benefit.
If you have 4 dimm slots I would get a 2x4GB kit and see how you go with it.
8GB is still a lot of RAM, especially if you have an SSD.
Just my opinion
I don't plan on getting an SSD and I've got a 4 DIMM ryzen board with a ryzen 5 1600, and I'm trying to future proof with the 16 gigs
My advice would be to get an SSD and 8GB of RAM.
A 250GB size for your OS and a few games is ideal, you can always add more RAM down the line.
This is what I'm looking at currently
you can get cheaper go on https://pcpartpicker.com/ and find a kit of ram for around 150 if you need it now