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affordable diy amp

you guys have suggestions for good cheap diy amp kits?

Kinda new compared to the other amps in this discussion: https://diyaudiostore.com/collections/printed-circuit-boards/products/whammy
A nice class A amp designed by one of the Pass labs designers. Should be pretty easy to build but you will have to order the parts yourself.
Go with the classic CMoy. JDS Labs has a good affordable kit. There is also the O2 amp for ~$80, but it's not really worth it as much anymore.
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thanks ill loke into them
Oh, I almost forgot. Schiit is supposed to release a PCB coaster that you can also use to build a hybrid tube amp. It should be about as good as the Vali 1.
It's not quite beginner, but looks like a nice little project.
DIY made more sense a long time ago when the parts were dirt cheap. Nowadays, you will be better off getting a fabricated one. If anything stops working then you can chase them too.
thanks, but i already have great dacs and amps, but im looking for a little project i can start, to understand more about amps and to start designing my own.
Tube amps and speakers are the only DIY really worth doing to me in terms of value.
That being said, i still like building DACs and SS amps for the educational aspect.
If you're using a high impedance headphone, the Bottlehead Crack for sure. It's only $200 now which is pretty crazy, and can be upgraded later on with the Speedball.
Otherwise, make an account on head-case.org and try to make a Dynalo. This can always be expanded over time; you can have a simple small, even portable Dynalo, or have an upjumped fully balanced (super symmetry) model that is one of the absolute best headphone amps available. You can't go wrong with a Kevin Gilmore design.
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True, that's why I suggested consulting with the head-case community. Though you can order PCBs at least occasionally right? Group buys.
oh, ok are there any other kits beside jds and crack that you would recommend?
Absolute classic with a ton of interesting history if you want to look into it.