Jun 10, 2018

GTX 1060 and GTX 1050ti

Hi I have been in the market for a gpu for a while and know about all the inflated prices recently *cough* *cough* crypto miners. It would be awesome if everyone else is feeling the same and if we manage to get a 1060 or 1050ti drop that would be very nice and I will no longer have my dying laptop. :(
gorian2222 and MashaGaming

You can get 1060s in the $199-300 range easily now. Just because the RTX and AMDs new 7nm have released, I wouldn't expect massive price drops until they begin to fully clear out inventory. And even then, the cards are so much more capable graphics cards, that they will have an intrinsic value no matter what. A 1060 will run AAA games in the 60-90 FPS range depending on setting easily, and should be able to for a while.
I can't imagine 1060s or 1050s being that expensive. Miners have no interest in that low of a card.
the prices are going down and I just bought 2 rx580s for a very low price online with gifts added