Nov 16, 2016106 views

Portable Headphones Under 200

Hey guys, I've been considering a closed-back headphone recently. I'll be using this on the road and in public, so portability is a must. Additionally, I need it to be under $200, because I spent a little too much on my computer setup. :P A good looking headphone would be a nice plus, too. I'm kind of eyeing the Vmoda M-100s right now, but its above my budget. Other vmoda options like the XS are nice but it's a on-ear, which I've never tried before. Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated!

For sheer accuracy, my vote goes to the Audio Technica M40X. The M50X has more bass, but the M40X is astonishingly accurate and has a flatter response's also around $99
Thanks for the reply! Is the m40x less durable than the m50x?
Not that I know of. From what I can tell they've got the same build quality
Audio Technica ATH-M50x