Nov 20, 2016108 views

MD the King of Earbuds?

After the debacle with the Fostex TH-X00 and MD actually taking perfectly good sounding, but aesthetically flawed headphones and just cancelling people's order and sending them back after some waited months to get them (yes, I was one who got hosed as well), its *appears* to me anyways that MD is becoming the king of earbuds.
Not offering great sounding, innovative, Audiophile-esk headphones, but simply ~ earbuds ~ and yes, the occasional $49 piece of crap headphones every other week thrown in there just to mix things up a bit
All kinds of colors, brands, wood, plastic, yada yada yada ~ earbuds.
is THAT going to keep people interested? Is that going to keep "Audiophiles" interested and engaged? I mean, that is what they call that particular category. Anyone else think this too?

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