What does the "2 Months left" mean? Are these headphones going to be discontinued after that time?


Jun 5, 2021
It means you can place your order within the 2 months time, and it's gonna be shipped out in 2 months time. Even if you ordered and paid today, it's still gonna be shipped out in 2 months. After the 2 months ordering window, the item might (a) not be available to order anymore, or (b) be available to order and ready to ship once you place the order. Depends on the demand and stock of the items. Popular items (like the Meze) are usually frequently available to order several times throughout the year. Unpopular items might be a one-off thing.
Jun 5, 2021
It means they don't ship out until that date. Everyone preorders and pays up front and then there is one big "mass drop" and they ship to everyone the same day. Lots of stuff on the site is either made specifically for this site or is being released for the first time on the site. That could be an entirely new product or a special edition of an existing product. It's a place to get unique stuff and innovative stuff or in the case of mech keyboards... it'll ruin your life, just don't. I dream about krytox, I shouldn't know what krytox is.
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