Carry-on/Travel Backpack Solution
I have been searching and searching online and cannot quite find the solution I am looking for so I am hoping that someone on Massdrop may be able to point me in the right direction. I travel frequently for vacation/work and often have more devices on me that necessary at any one time, but important for the full extent of my travels.
I often travel with my essentials:
  • Macbook Pro 15"
  • Work Laptop 13"
  • Power Source (30kmAh brick)
  • DSLR + 1-2 lenses
  • Various chargers/cables/etc.
  • 15" tripod (if I am going someone I can explore)
I currently have a backpack that could accommodate all of the above, but not without some Tetris skills coming into play. If I were to create my own perfect solution, it would include a single, padded DSLR location with a quick-grab zipper, two padded sleeved style compartments closest to the back for laptops, and another compartment for whatever else - keys, wallet, etc.
The most challenges I am running into online is that most backpacks describes as above are either designed with a full-time photographer (multiple DSLRs and 4+ lenses) or backpacker (2000+ci.) in mind. I am really looking for something that is an easy-grab, take on the plane, conservative looking backpack.
Thank you in advance for any recommendations! I understand something like this may not exist so I am willing to make compromises or reset my expectations.

Jun 29, 2018
Osprey makes a whole line of travel bags, pretty much all of which can be carried on (short of the full sized backpacking packs).
I use the farpoint 55, which is pretty big, but includes a detachable day pack that will fit a 15' laptop. I have never had any issue using it for carry on, and airlines don't seem to care much so long as it fits on your back and isn't enormous.
If you want something smaller, the Osprey farpoint and porter both come in smaller sizes, and I can recommend both without reservation. They are exceptional travel packs, and you should be able to find a configuration that works for your needs.
That said, I'm not sure I would call their aesthetics "conservative", although they do come in black and grey, and Osprey is a well respected brand if that matters.
I also hear good things about the Quasar, but don't have personal experience with it.
Jun 29, 2018