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What amp for Sennheiser x Massdrop HD 6XX

I joined the drop about a week ago and I am waiting for them to be shipped some time in September. What are your recommendations for an amp to drive these 300 impedance headphones.
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The 6XX has a magical ability to scale up to the best options available, unlike most other headphones. The better you feed it, the better it will sound.
Look for 240mW @ 300Ω or greater. That will get you into the ballpark. From there it's subjective as to which sounds best. I love Pete Millett's designs, but you might find something different that you prefer.
what formats are you listening to now? Spotify streaming and mp3s are fine with simpler gear (FiiO E10k). The medium gain MD O2 amp and JL labs ODAC is good. If you want to do more with High Res Audio look for a DAC that can handle DSD formats. Topping D10 is filling in that role nicely for me
My next amp/DAC purchase to feed my HD6xx is the MD CTH, probably with the SDAC. It’s a well reviewed pairing and the price is in the same neighborhood as the HD6xx. I dont have it yet, so can’t recommend. I’m curious about balanced amplification and might pick up a MD 789 or Schitt Jotunheim somewhere down the road.
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What is your budget? What do you currently have to drive your headphones? Do you need a DAC or just an Amp?
I personally have an Aune X7S and a DarkVoice 336SE that are both excellent with the 6xx. There are other options available on Massdrop that are also well regarded such as the CTH and Liquid Carbon.