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58xvs 6xx

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Dec 29, 2021
The 58x sound like hd 660s. If you want 660s for cheap, get the 58x. They are great for gaming and music.
Jun 28, 2021
To me there is no comparison ... HD 650 is better on everything smoother , more detail , more polished , way better timbre and natural sound. 58X vs HD 660s Its a night and day difference , the only common is the sound signature ... Everything else is so much better on 660s , Imaging , separation , smoothness ( compared to 58x ) , tighter bass, faster way faster when a lot of different instruments are playing . I have 2 years of side by side listening tried on 3 different amp dac compos from ifi , Fiio, Harman. Some reviewers say that 58X are 95% of what HD 660s , i understand that because reviewers just listen some songs for some hours and that's it , but the truth is that if u have both of them and listen them for days , weeks , months .... then u gone understand why HD 660s is way better headphone .
Jul 12, 2021
Well given that the 6xx is just a remake of the 650 then it should be 110% :D
Aug 20, 2021
KingKatoTo me 6XX and 650 sound the shame... both are amazing and smooth , way better in my opinion from HD58X. About HD660s these have more clarity on everything in series , better separation , better imaging on all HD6 line . I love HD 6 line i have all of them , So to me HD600 for neutrality , HD650 for smoothness , and HD660s for faster , clearer , better separation and imaging ... Are the HD660s better than HD 650 -HD6XX ? If u are looking for smoother Headphone NO HD 6XX -650 are the king on that... If u looking for other things yeah its Better. HD58X remind me the resolution of my HD 5 series headphone but with 660s sound signature , but side by side is the weaker of them all for sure.
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