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Case Wars

Which case do you guys prefer? The S340 elite or the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX?

Thien Bao Nguyen Chia, Brycen Simonis, and 2 others

They both have their strengths and are quite different aesthetically. Keep in mind, there is a substantial price difference as well. I just recently pulled the trigger on the S340 Elite, while a friend of mine went for the Evolv ATX TG. The S340 is smaller than the Evolv in every dimension, but it will still accommodate most of the same kit. Particularly if comparing it to the TG version of the Evolv, it has glass for both side panels, while the Elite only uses glass for one. This can present some cable management challenges. Fortunately, Phanteks has the best cable routing and management in the industry right now. The NZXT isn't bad (in fact, it's quite good given the price point), but it's one of the places you'll see that cost gap. Personally, I liked the look of the S340 and it fits everything I intend to include in the build while saving some funding for other components.
Ive recently worked in both cases. The phanteks case was best imo but i didnt mind loosing the 2 HDD bays from my rad. The same rad fits in the front of the s340 elite without loosing those bays but its tight.
NZXT has the best looking and the most quiet cases for sure!
NZXT for sure
ummmmm... the phanteks has better... well everything from what I know... except looks but that's just  my opinion
I'm buying the NZXT elite here in a month or so. It's definitely my favorite.
Phanteks, and its not at all biased since I have the Glass version. Not biased one bit, the case is just the best case out there is all. Yep.
How can anybody not love the Evolv ATX!!??!!!
But my friends say that tempered glass is life and any case with tempered glass looks better than cases with acrylic windows
How about the phanteks p400? That thing is now one of the budget kings, right next to the s340.
Have you seen the Evolv ATX glass? It's pretty cool.
Does tempered glass make a case better?
Better, no, but well done and used, it can be smexy as hell :)