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Where to get iso-de keycaps?

Hey, im new here but i have a quick question, i got an 96keyboard and wanted to ask where i can find iso-de keycaps? Many thanks :)

Jul 11, 2021
I always use some blanks. You have to keep in mind where üß+öä-zy is "(" is on 8 ")" is on 9 for example. You'll just have to remember. I recently got the Artifact Bloom Series Keycap Set: Glow. Here I could just spray paint the side of some useless ones like home pg down ins and stuff like that to use it in a 60, 65 % built. Or get yourself a XDA Layout with some novelities, you can use them in every row or, and I hate to say it, buy two sets. Pom Yelly blanks with Pom Yelly side carved for example (love them). Or a walnut set at KBD and some blanks at etsy. On amazon you'll find PBT blanks for 17 Euro ...
Jul 11, 2021
WorstLowbobYou can also use another normal set partially: Put the second a on ä, the second u on ü, ö is a little off since it is R3 not R2. And my latest trick: 40% Layout. On the second layer- you need layers when using a 40% layout anyway- ß is on s, ä is on a and so on. This kinda is even easier than remember the location if you are old like I am. It will work with 60+ Layout too I must assume.
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