[Interest Check] SP SA Maestro ♪


SA Maestro Uniform R3 kit rendered on TX-CP V2 Keyboard. See more images on my render album here.
Renders by pwade3 (Designer of GMK Taro, Thai Tea, Analog Dreams)
SA Maestro Sculpted Profile Kit (1-1-2-3-4-3) rendered on Hiney TKL One keyboard

  • Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
  • Finish/Material: Doubleshot ABS
  • Made in USA

Piano & Classical Music Inspired Keyset Hi, I'm currently running this interest check for a theme/colorway that I have been very passionate about, which is from GMK Maestro. The cherry-profile doubleshot ABS version of Maestro has ran a successful group buy in February 2021, and now I'd like to introduce the thocky version in SA profile form. Without further ado, here are the kits that I plan to offer (these are not final):
Uniform Profile R3 Kit
Covers many keyboard layouts (from 40%/ortho to full size/1800 layout) with minimal ISO Support AND alice-layout support.

Scuplted Profile 1-1-2-3-4-3 Kit
Covers up to TKL layout with UK-ISO Support. These are well-known sculpted SA profile that has been popular, row 1-1-2-3-4-3 for a better touch-typing experience.
Pedals Kit (Spacebars)
Extra and accent color spacebars to support and spice up the looks of your keyboard. Including 3u convex minibars and accent spacebars/minibars (NOTE: the 1u x 2 is concave)

More render images and (future) vendor informations are on the Geekhack IC Thread. Do visit and leave comments there, as I am more active on said forum than here! Alternatively, if you are genuinely interested in buying this set come group buy (Estimated around Q3/Q4 2021), please show support and provide suggestions that you'd like to see on the IC Form. Thank you!

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