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Jul 21, 2021
League544A bit crazy, yes, but the Darth-Vader headphones here are a good kind of crazy for me 😉 Hope you are well.

Dec 26, 2021
EvshrugThese look beautiful! How's the sound? Is it really like an open and closed back headphone lol I haven't listened to a sennheiser that I hadn't liked
Mastaboog749It doesn’t have that honky, bleeding sound common in closed headphones. Technically the open back HD 800S is still better, but I think the moderately increased bass and sub bass is more fun in the HD 820 :) They’re really light and it’s remarkable how they don’t have pressure hot spots. I will tell you a caveat that almost turned me off from them when I first heard them. I was used to the HD 800, and when I placed these HD 820 centered over my ears, I felt the sound was flat and dull, really disappointed. You have to play around with placement; for me, I found a sweet spot that was with the cups fairly down and forward on my head, which drastically warmed up the sound signature and was much more fun :)
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