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Good DAC for Sennheiser HD600?

Also recently i got my Bravo Ocean tube amp (my first tube amp), and i'm planning to go with external DAC and replace my Asus Xonar STX II that i've been using for years. Can anyone recommend me a good DAC for my Sennheiser HD600? my budget is around AUD $300 (i can go a little bit higher). Thank you
Karl Zwirn

MSB Technology Select DAC with the upgrades.
Schiit Audio Modi Multibit, I’d say...
yes. The Grace design is a very nice SDAC. Great price. I use mine with my HD600's mucho.
BTW; NICE choice in headphones. The HD600 is revered by many. I am one of them.
The Arcam rDAC if you can find one, or the Cambridge Audio DACMagic 100.
You could also wait for Massdrop to reissue their SDAC designed by Grace Design, it’s outstanding value.