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XDA Keycaps: A New Keycap Profile

As keyboards start to become more popular, it isn't surprising to see new keycap profiles being developed. I'm happy to introduce a new keycap profile that is open for group buy right now on, known as XDA. This keycap profile follows a lot of likeness to the Cherry M8 keycap, however, is offered in MX stem. These are made by MZ, maker of the ZZ96.
The keycaps are made of PBT, and are more texturized than DSA PBT & EnjoyPBT. They are dye sublimated to perfection and look amazing! Lastly, a notable difference between this and DSA is that there is more surface area which I personally prefer.
If you want to see more photos, please check out the following links:
If you are interested in ordering, please go here: The group buy period ends Dec 7 @ Midnight PST.
Lastly, here's a comparison photo of between SA R1, R2, R3, R4, DSA PBT, and XDA.
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I'd love to see some kinda 'make your own XDA keycap set' thing because tbh I'd rather have my own set.
shit i miss this
Would love some nice Hangul keycaps, but I guess I'll have to stick to the force awakens...
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Wow, I haven't played MTG since Urza block (stopped collecting when Mirrodin block ended too, I feel old) - that card's art is fantastic! I love those type of lands, I've always wanted to get back into MTG but it's too much of an investment and the meta's shifted so far out from what I'm comfortable with that it'd be a heavy time sink too.
Lovely card and mat!
That would be so nice!
Make them about 3 inches taller. People seem to like that.
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Add another 3 inches.
Yep I'm using the inch keycaps right now. It's great!
Comment or anything
No :3