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Clamping forces of Drop-collaborated headphones

I have a fat wide head and am sensitive to the clamping force of headphones. My question is, why are the clamping forces of Drop headphones reportedly higher than the ones from the original manufacturer? For example, according to measured tests on, both the Sennheiser HD5xx, HD58x, and HD6xx have much higher clamping force than their respective Sennheiser original models. This also seems to ring true with the Drop x Meze 99 headphones, where Meze 99 forums are saying there's almost no clamping force but the some on the Drop forum are saying the collab version's clamping force were "quite high." Is Drop requesting that headbands be tighter on the collab versions? What's going on? Also, can anyone suggest me a comfortably wide/large headphones? I'm currently using AKG 7xx and they're super comfortable.
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I think most drop headphones are made in the same places as the OG variants just with custom tuning/paintjob so no idea why clamp would be different, Sundara's are on 7xx tier for me comfier stock pads but maybe a bit more clamp (my 7xx's are so worn out I'm using twist ties to hold them together lol)
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