Forgot I had this thing still...


Aug 4, 2021
How does it perform? I've been using the Shanling UA2 and I've been impressed so far. Wondering if I should get these too.
Aug 4, 2021
Seems to be adequate. I'm not actually very familiar with solid state amps, or portable ones for that matter, so I'm not sure my experience with it will be very informative. My first amp/dac was the xduoo ta-30 integrated dac/ tube amp. But for what it's worth.... Its small, easy to lug around, and does provide extra power to the cans so I can hit higher volumes. As for sound quality, it is obviously a far cry from the amp I noted above as my main driver. It sounds a bit sharp, and isn't the most clear when it comes to detail, or separation of instruments. But you have to contextualize that with my aforementioned inexperience, and the fact my only other reference is a far superior amp that is tube based, so perhaps for the price and size the SMSL isn't that bad, but I'm not exactly sure. I will say that it is adequate as a cheap and tiny alternative to buying a larger portable dac/amp (which is my plan). Until I choose to upgrade, I feel confident that this device will keep me happy by driving my headphones at a higher volume.