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177x, NX4, iPad Air = Killer Portable Setup


Aug 8, 2021
I have had the 177X for over a week now. Initial impressions are very positive. Sounds good with the Apple dongle DAC. Good listening level at around 75%. Same when driven directly from my MacBook Pro. Also, sounds good with my NX4 and es100 DAC/Amps. The NX4 brings more weight to the overall sound signature and provides more headroom volume wise than the dongle DAC, ES100 or directly from the MBP. The best thing is the lack of treble spike. I can listened to the headphone for 3+ hours and not have any treble fatigue. The imaging and sound stage are very good as well. I’ll listen with the stock pads for a while and then try the leather pads in about a week or 2. Bass with stock pads is tight and controlled, which I like. I have a set of DT990 600 which came be a bit overwhelming with the bass depending on what I’m listening to. The treble spike is very amp dependent with the DT990 600. I’ve been eyeing the 177X since they came out. $350 on sale from Drop seems to be the right price. They are likely going to replace my Meze 99 Noire as my travel headphones. Lastly, the iPad Air with USB-C is great for streaming. Gone are the days of Camera Kit dongles or magical Lightning cables to get audio from an iOS device to a DAC.
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