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Product Spotlight: The Juki TL2010Q

Hey everyone!
We have a very special product dropping right now, the Juki TL2010Q. This highly-touted sewing machine is the perfect Quilter’s companion. It is the industry standard for a straight stitch work- horse sewing machine that can handle any kind of project; from quilting to bag making to sewing garments. The walking foot makes quilting a breeze but don’t let that stop you from whipping up a pair of denim jeans. This machine can handle heavy duty fabric and many layers of cloth.

Check out the drop here:
Specs · Juki · Hook type: L style · Sewing speed: 200–1500 spm · Maximum stitch length: 6 mm · Straight stitch only · Needle: 130/705H · Presser foot lift: Manual · Adjustable foot pressure · Automatic thread trimmer · Thread tension scale · Needle up/down control · LED light · Automatic Needle threader · Adjustable feed dogs · Knee lifter lever · Dimensions: 17.75 x 9 x 8.5 in (45 x 22.8 x 21.5 cm) · Weight: 25.4 lbs (11.5 kg)

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Check out the drop here:
Do you already have one? Do you love it? Tell us in the review section for the drop page: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/juki-tl-2010q-sewing-machine/reviews#reviews
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Laura Huckabee-Jennings, A41Lesliw, and 32 others

Please make this a drop. Too bad you don’t do flex payments like HSN.
Im not thrilled with it.
Wow, really? Why? I'm hoping it becomes available again to purchase.
Is there any idea of when this drop might be offered again? I keep watching for it, but haven’t seen anything yet. I definitely want to purchase through Massdrop, and hope it’s going to happen soon😃
I believe I read that it doesn't take standard industrial presser feet. Is that correct?
You can get the inexpensive adapter to use all the standard feet. I own this machine and it worked interchangeably with Brother and Singer feet I had with the adapter
Thank you.
will the drop be activated???how do we know??? also regarding shipping, how do you consider Puerto Rico, we use the same postal service as the mainland US Postal Service. Will we qualify??
Hi Loug, We will try and do another drop of the Juki. If you think you will be interested, just go to the drop page and click the Request button. When the drop comes back you will be notified by email. Yes, we ship to Puerto Rico. I do not know the service that is used though. Hope that helps!
Thank you for your quick response!!!
Own 2, one on my frame and one to piece with. Great machine.
I have this machine and have lost rhe desire foe a long arm because quilting with this is so easy. I have not met a thread this machine doesn't like.
I have this machine and I absolutely love it! The best machine ever!
What was the price on the drop for this machine?
$879.99 :)
I have a Babylock Quilters Professional which is exactly the same as this machine. I did an all day quilting bee yesterday where it was my job to sew the top, bottom and batting together, then someone turned it and I top stitched it. This machine was fast, sewed through everything with ease and is simply unbelievable. I bought my second hand from a reputable machine store, and from my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the Juki if I didn't already have this machine. It's going to get a thorough cleaning right now, it deserves a treat!!! Btw I did 25 full size quilts in 5 hours
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Thank you...I will check this out, I know my BLQP has a pin(which is broken, I bought it used) but I really do love this machine, it has become my piecing machine....the price was right and I have several other machines Bernina 1130, Aurora440QE, Singer featherweight, Janome serger.....for special projects.
Wow, that's a lotta machines! Ooh, a featherweight! And Berninas! I just have a couple of very old machines that I don't know how to get working, plus my Juki TL2010Q and my Juki DX2000QVP, both of which I LOVE. I used to have a Babylock Sophia II, which had a small embroidery function. I really liked that one, too. Should have kept it.
I have this machine. It was all mine until my husband got started quilting then I lost all my machines to him.