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Best knife for low budget

I have always wanted a blade. When I joined the drop, it didnt help with the situation at all because most of the drops are still expensive for a guy like me. What the best knife for a budget of 60-70 dollars?

I would buy a Kershaw dividend in m390. Or a leek in cpm 154. Or s30v blur. They are all made by Kershaw and all really close to your budget and all are well known and backed by a lifetime warranty
For a tough knife, consider that RAT-1 in D2. Less ergonomic, but probably tougher, the Ka-Bar Mule folder. For a great, but a bit delicate one, consider the Leek. I got a CF one with CPM154 here for just about $70. What a wonderful knife. People are always asking about the best steel, the best knife. There is no such thing without some parameters to go by. If you never want to sharpen a knife SM100 or Rex121 are tops. (Those are more than pricey. The SM100 is actually not steel, and I don't know if anyone is using it.) When you decide what you want a knife for, what kind of scales, what kind of blade shape, what kind of steel, what kind of opening, what kind of lock, then, I recommend you look at some places like Knife Center, Blade Headquarters, and MidwayUSA (They generally have the best prices on Cold Steel, if you can get past their advertising. The knives are quite good.) MD has sold me some knives that I like very much, but their selection is very limited. In closing, I have no experience with Ganzo or TwoSun, but these two companies have had many good things said about their inexpensive knives.
Kershaw Link is a solid option at $70 for an American made flipper, aluminum handles and 420HC blade!
The Kershaw Blur & Leek are two classic knives, Ken Onion designed, speedsafe mechanism, and made in the USA. They are good knives for the average user.
They give you a good reference point for someone just getting into blades. They are solid middle of the road choices, and help you get a good understanding of the tradeoffs of higher or lower priced knives.
Upgraded versions come in right around your budget, especially if you are willing to shop around.
Thank you guys for helping me out! I should have probably said $70 or less. And I have seen how bad this price range is, 60 to 70 is kinda weird. Thank again!
The 60-70 dollar range is actually more difficult than the 20-40 range, or the 100 ish range. @fhood had some solid suggestions below. Check the Kizer Vanguard series. In the 70ish range I think you can also get American made Kershaw Link/Dividend with a decent steel in it.
It's just a tricky price range to really FEEL like you are getting the bang for your buck.
I never thought of it that way before, but you're right. The 60-70 dollar range kinda sucks. Almost every respectable company targets under 50 and over 100, and not a whole lot in between. And yeah, the Delica and Endura are great, but they are definitely over priced, they just happen to also be great knives.
Under $50 we could both rattle off a half dozen or more recommendations, easily.
I’ve read/seen very favorable things about Kizer, search Amazon for their Tangram folding knives (budget line). I really want their button lock (Vector?) and the good-looking Santa Fe (a flipper design), but I don’t need another knife right now (his long will I last? Heh!). The more expensive ($50) Begleiter and ($65) Dukes are internet popular, because the Begleiter has nice pocket ergonomics and overall value, while the Dukes has a super smooth flipping action.
I also like my two Spyderco Byrd knives, but Ganzo has a knife that is like the Meadowlark (and Delica) but with 440C steel, which is more rust resistant than 8Cr13MoV and holds an edge longer (less maintenanc). The Ganzo actually has a smoother action than both of the Byrd, colors (I got an olive green), it’s my most carried knife right now. However, I have had two Dragonfly 2s of different colors, and those have had the nicest fit and finish, neat design touches, VG-10 steel, and have been carried the most years cumulative of any of my knives.
CRKT puts out TONS of budget knives and I own a few (Ripple, Tac Two), but the Spyderco (And spyderco-like) knives are more ergonomic and slice better; I think CRKT often makes knives meant more to appeal as objects to look at and play with (fast bearings on the ripple, button lock on the Tigh Tac Two). They seem to have a few budget “hits” here and there, but others like Tangram (Kizer), Steel Will, and Real Steel are stealing the limelight and might be making a stronger value proposal.
Bestech Beluga (or anything really) Spyderco Delica/Endura Ontario rat 1 or 2 Kizer Begleiter or Dukes Steel Will modus (or anything really) .....I'm sure I'll think of more.