Aug 8, 201892 views

Nuraphone all that great?

I've been looking at the Nuraphone headphones and they look pretty awesome.. has anyone here tried them? Was thinking they sell for $399 on their site, that's a good price range for a MassDrop. I myself am hearing impaired, but if I adjust the levels to match my hearing loss, I'm game :-)

I had a pair, but ended up returning them. The inner ear tip is very large and became very uncomfortable for long listening sessions. If you're a bass head, then you may love the sound. It's very bass focused, with rolled off mids and treble, which isn't my preferred sound signature. I prefer a neutral to slightly warm sound signature. These are very dark. I love the idea, I just think the execution was lacking for my tastes.
In the same boat. Intrigued and able to buy. Just waiting for something to push me over the edge.
I tried them and they sound very noice once you set it up but I didn't like how it looked
I’ve got friends across the country who love them, but I have not yet heard them.