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Why no micro USB? Some of the best keyboards are micro USB. Sorry, the question is, will a version with micro USB be available?


Oct 21, 2021
Almost all new keyboards that I know of only have a USB-C port (if not all of them), as USB-C is also generally greatly preferred by most people over micro USB because of the overall quality of the port and connector, as well as the ease of use and overall aesthetic of it. I highly doubt there will be a micro USB version created since the demand for it is very low comparatively speaking, as micro USB is becoming increasingly less common as it seems to be getting phased out for most computers & peripherals like keyboards. I believe they do make adapters to convert USB-C to other connector types like micro USB, but it definitely will negatively impact the aesthetic of it a bit. Your best bet is to order a custom cable like this through one of the smaller high quality companies online that build them to your exact specifications, which will allow you to also select a micro USB connector as an option in some cases.
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