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Feb 21, 2024
What yellow filament did you use? I want to print a case I designed for a corne and I am having a hard time finding a matching color. Thanks
Sep 18, 2021
As a TH fan myself, I find this one very pleasing to look at. Wish it had a screen to know which layer I am on.
Alejo1707It has three LEDs on the right hand that show the current layer and there’s an optional oled you can add where the TORN logo is on the right hand as well.
dang, that looks nice!
Sep 14, 2021
Sorry if this is a stupid quesiton....i'm Very new to this..but did you build this yourself?
madisonbearIt's an open source keyboard with the PCB Gerber files on GitHub. I got the PCB's made and sourced all the parts for it including getting the acrylic laser cut. I used the PCB outline to design a high profile case in 3D CAD and then 3D printed a Pantone colour matched case.
I love this. Very nice build.
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