Drop Keycap Club Early Access Review Program FAQ

Welcome to the Drop Keycap Club early access review program! You probably have questions about how this whole process works and we have answers. What is this? This will be an exclusive perk for being part of the Drop Keycap Club and will give members  the chance to review our newest products before they are available to the public. How do I become eligible for the early review program? Everyone who is part of the Drop Keycap Club will be in the program and eligible to sign up to review products. Will items only be keycaps? No, we’ll have all kinds of products ranging from artisan keycaps, to desk pads, to headphones, and full working keyboards. How do I pick items to review? Each month we will update the review program with next month’s scheduled releases. If you see something that you really want to review then simply fill out a short form to express your interest and then sit tight!  Why do I have to fill out a form? We want to make sure people are carefully selecting the items that they really want to review. Additionally, the information you provide here may make you more eligible for specific products. For example, you may own an amplifier that would be compatible with a headphone, or have a keyboard that best fits a certain keycap set.  How are reviewers selected? Most reviewers will be selected entirely randomly, but others will be selected because they have met certain criteria as mentioned above.  How many product reviews can I sign up for?  You can sign up for as many as you’d like. Do I need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement? We’re talking about keycaps, not nuclear launch codes… In almost all cases we’ll trust you to keep quiet until things are made public, but in some cases (especially with products partnered with major brands), you may need to sign something before you get your review unit. Can I do multiple reviews? Our goal is to have many different people writing reviews, so we will generally avoid picking people to review multiple items over consecutive months. At the same time, a few individuals provide exceptionally good and detailed reviews that are very helpful to the community, and people want to see their opinions “by popular demand”. It’s going to be a balancing act between inclusivity and review quality. This is a new process and we’ll be responsive to the feedback that we’re hearing from the community. How does the product get to me? We’ll ship it to you via an insured courier, with all postage and duties prepaid. In the rare situation where there’s a Cash-On-Delivery charge to receive the package, let us know and we’ll reimburse you. Is this for international customers as well, or just North America? If you can have a product shipped to your country normally, then you are eligible for the review program as well. Some products have very tight timelines (between when we receive the sample, and when the product launches on and may necessitate US-only reviewers. Do I get to keep the item that I reviewed? Sure do! Enjoy.  What’s with the obscure product labels? Many of the products haven’t been publicly revealed yet, so we can’t say “XYZ Headphone Model from ABC Company.” You’ll just see a generic description until you receive the actual product to review.  What’s on deck for reviews?

The following is a tentative list:

October Skylight Series Keycaps (New Colors) Switches Keyboard 1 Keyboard 2 November Keyboard 3 Keyboard 4 Deskmats Headphones Wireless IEMs Gaming Headset

Sep 15, 2021
cant wait!