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Okay, so assuming these are the same version KBDfans has listed on their site (with the HHKB-specific kitting option), and I've been trying to get an amswer to this for a while now, but are these actually the sort-of "Ice Frost" Blueish-White that these appear in most of the renders? Or is it a more standard, warm/neutral, WS1-like White, as seen on MT3 BoW, for example? Because, and it's even more exaggerated in the renders (pics?) featured on KBD, but it almost looks closer to the KAT Dice set's "Ice" color, and I love how it looks. It'd be perfect for a build I want to do, but I can't figure out which pictures to believe! Idobao's own site makes them look closer to WS1/neutral, but in some of the shots here (and KBDfans - IF it's the same set...) are back to the more "Blue" shade. So which is it, and does anyone have IRL shots‽


Sorry, I don't have the BoW set, so I can't give a definitive answer. What I can say is that Drop's picture of two keyboards with one of each set looks accurate to me as far as the WoB assuming very diffuse lighting, and their other pics don't try to hide the glare issues the WoB keys have. I can also say that Idobao's pictures are probably not entirely accurate. Their pics of the WoB look to me like they were done in low light or had the exposure adjusted in software to help the legends stand out better, so I would not be surprised if they manipulated the BoW pics to get what they thought was a more flattering look.
Sep 16, 2021
xkcd308Yeah, appreciate the response thanks! It seems impossible to get a straight answer about the Bo'W's. I also don't know if this and what KBDfans has are the same, as they don't actually have the Manu/Brand name in their product page for some reason, far as I could tell. :( -- I posted the same question on the KBD listings' pages without getting a response, and finding real-life or non-edited versions are proving just as hard to find. -- these days, when color matching & color codes are such a big deal within the hobby, it's about damn time vendors of keysets start putting those color codes (or at the very least, a discription of the shades! or a comparable set!) within the specs. This should be one of the minimum-requirements for the Designers/Manu's, at this point; to give their vendors a list of the utilized color codes/descriptions (unless protected, for whatever reason). Even the *slightest* visible difference in shade/tone is enough to make-or-break an entire build, and we've now reached a point in plastics & pigment technology that there are just TOO MANY AVAILABLE COLORS to be able to "guess" a thing like this (especially since every phone & monitor display is calibrated/displayed differently)... /rant –—–—–—–—–—–—– Anyway, if you think one of the product pics w/ a picture of both sets is the closest to being comparable to your own, then that alone is the most helpful info I've found thus-far! It's something, so I'll give 'em another look. -- Thanks again!
Sep 17, 2021
xkcd308Ha, so funny timing but I finally just got an answer & picture on KBDfans! Can confirm the BoW is definitely a cold-Blue shade (honestly kinda looks more Blue than White in the shot, but it's got wicked dark lighting so that definitely contributes), at least the one on KBD is. Now I just gotta find out if the set sold on kbdfans is the same as these ... 🙃 - or just buy it from them (which I'd rather go elsewhere 90% of the time either way, but in this case; kbd has had heinous US shipping costs lately & and I have some extra credit to use here, anyway!). Either way, I'm just glad I finally got a straight answer on this.

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