40% faux pas? Would I be letting all of you down?

Hi all.
So, I've got this brand new 40% keyboard in front of me.
I'd like to think it will be easy to remember which character is on which key which is on which layer, but that remains to be seen.
Would it be cheating and poor mechanical keyboard form to print out the layers on a sheet of paper and put it somewhere that is easy to see while typing?
What about adding the layered characters to the sides of the keycaps?

Sep 22, 2021
Nope! This is actually one of the most commonly recommended ways of both, learning to touchtype AND keeping track of layers, macros & tapdance/hold combos. Also, if it works for you, and leads to you becoming more comfortable with your board, why the hell do you care what dweebs online say about your technique? Do they pay your bills or lube your switches? Are they eatching you through your bedroom window, laughing and pointing every time you look up at the wall? No? Stop caring about the people that don't care about you, and what they think! THE 40% discord server has a dedicated goddamn channel called "numbers & other characters", SPECIFICALLY there for copy-pasting, and to cater to our lack of on-board NumChar's. Learning your peak ergonomic layout + setup is the fun part of SFF boards, and every person has a different peak layout. So it's not unreasonable to assume people will have different learning curves and memorization techniques. You do you, my g.
Sep 23, 2021
Aw, yeah!