Aug 20, 2018


which cpu is better for gaming and recording videos
1/ i3 8100 K
2/ i5 7400K
( with a graphic card gtx 1050 ti 4gb )

The i5 is more well rounded, while the i3 8100 runs gaming better. What i mean by "well rounded" is the i5 has a more spread out range of things it can do well, not just one concentrated thing. Even if the i3 can do those tings, it doesn't do it as well, because the i3 8100 is a concentrated gaming chip.
i3-7350K with a 1050ti would be a nice starter pc but don't cheap out on a power supply the more you spend on cpu will be better to upgrade over time you will prob run 1080 on high around 50s -60s
There are no such thing as 8100 k and 7400 k. What is your budget?
Dude the cpu and gpu are too weak so id recomend upgrading to a i5 8600k and 1070 when rtx line releases
Why not a 1060
if you got the budget for it the gtx series should be about to drop in price with the rtx being released.
hmm that"s mean the gtx series price will reduce ?
yes rtx launches on the 20th of next month and after that the gtx series should go down in price
i3 is better but if you can go for a Ryzen 5 2600 and a RX 580 4GB it'll run every game smoothly
i know ryzen is better but in my country we dont sell it alot
The i3 8100 outperforms the Ryzen 5 in gaming so why not get the i3? The i3 is still compatible surprisingly, I know this due to me using a Rx 580 8gb with an i3 8100 for a video. I'm not an Intel junkie, its just I know it can out preform it in most cases if you are talking about gaming. Also, it depends what chips you are talking about when you say "outperform Intel" if we are talking about budget gaming, Ryzen usually outperforms Intel, but with the release of the coffee lake series, this has changed in some ways.