Hey all, I just shared a post with some details and .hex files to give a more friendly default configuration. Left_0: fn/Layer Key (while pressed, enables Middle_1 and Right_1 when Middle and Right keys are pressed) Middle_0: Cmd+C (Mac), Ctrl+C (Win) Right_0: Cmd+V (Mac), Ctrl+C (Win) Left_1: <key does not exist on Layer 1> Middle_1: RGB_TOG (toggles RGB on/off) Right_1: RGB_MOD (cycles through RGB modes)  These are the two hex files, available for both Mac and Windows: https://docs.drop.com/TheKeyV2MacroLightingMAC.hex
https://docs.drop.com/TheKeyV2MacroLightingPC.hex The flashing process will be the same as detailed in the existing documentation for The Key V1 ("Uploading the New Custom Configuration onto The Key" section above). 
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