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First pc build

Is this a good enough build for casual gaming? Anything I need to change?
The games I'd play would be counter strike and maybe some moded Minecraft. These would put more pressure on the pc I'd think.

I would get first gen ryzen board cuz your using a first gen ryzen and the 1050ti is really worth it the extra 2 gigs of vram really help out
This PC build should be more than enough to run both games. Modded Minecraft really just needs a decent amount of RAM if you're loading a bunch at once (better PC's can just crank up the quality and render distance further) and, depending on the counter strike version, you should be fine to get decent performance though don't take my word on that as I have played little counter strike. Both those games are undemanding so a strong computer isn't really necessary to run them.
I suggest, though, that you consider what you might play in the future as this PC seems like it may be annoying to upgrade. I was in a similar situation as you a few months ago, but I tried my best to get as much performance as I could without sacrificing the ability to buy better parts later. Personally, this included things like a 144 Hz monitor and using a Ryzen 5 2400g instead of a graphics card, both choices made so that upgrading later wouldn't require removing other parts from the system. Your build seems like it will do fine for what you want, but if you find you want to run more demanding games you'll likely have to upgrade the graphics card and possibly the CPU at some point.
Still, your PC seems fine. I would caution just buying all the parts as is and instead urge that you wait for sales and be willing to swap for comparable parts. You may find that a different style of RAM will be significantly cheaper, or a different hard drive or monitor, etc. I think you can probably get that build to under $700, even including the price of Window's 10. Good luck with building your first PC and I hope you find it to be a fun and rewarding endeavor.
This is more than enough! If you're looking forward into cutting more cost, I would reduced the SSD from 256 GB to 128 GB, since you can store your games in HDD.