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Aug 5, 2022
Hi all, we’ve made more firmware updates to the Modern version which we think will resolve all of the reported issues of the keyboard not turning on after PC start-up/restart. The Modern firmware version is also now available for SHIFT and Carina. Please recompile using our web configurator ( ) and flash your keyboard again. If you manually compile your own firmware, you can get the updated code here: . As of August 2022, that branch has features and keyboard support that have not yet merged to the main QMK repository, specifically SAMD51 support using RIOT-OS and the QMK XAP API. For flashing your keyboard, we have released a new desktop application to streamline the process. See the new “Flashing Your Keyboard” above.
Aug 6, 2022
jxliuThe Modern firmware version for the Shift seems to break the USB-C passthrough port. I confirmed re-flashing the keyboard with the Original firmware fixes the issue.
n.r.e.kJust to be extra clear, your setup is: host computer -> SHIFT -> another USB device? And the SHIFT keyboard works fine, but the other USB device doesn't act as if it is plugged in?
Aug 11, 2022
jxliuThank you for your continued work on resolving the firmware issues. I am experiencing a strange issue on my CTRL where the keyboard will wake the PC up from sleep but then fails to respond (i.e., cannot use the keyboard to enter my password without unplugging/plugging). This is with the most recent version of firmware.
Aug 12, 2022
jxliuHi, yes you are right. I have exactly same issue on my SHIFT. When I plug my earphone into the passthrough port, it acts like nothing happened. My my ALT works fine with the updated modern version though.
Aug 17, 2022
jxliuThat's correct; the setup consists of: host computer > SHIFT > USB-C earbuds. The keyboard itself works fine with the Modern firmware, but the host computer will fail to detect the USB device via the passthrough port. Re-flashing the keyboard with the Original firmware restores the functionality.
Aug 22, 2022
jxliuWith the latest modern firmware (downloaded mid August) on awakening a Windows PC from hibernation, I run into the following issues: - animation state is frozen (e.g. if mode was scrolling rainbow, rainbow colors may show up but without the colors changing) - key inputs do not register Disconnecting and reconnecting the board solves this, but needing to do this on every boot is hardly ideal.
Aug 28, 2022
jxliuWith Modern version keyboard freezes if any key is pressed when computer is off but usb power is on. Disabling usb power in S5 state is kinda workaround, although even in that case I encountered small time frames where I was able to freeze the keyboard (pressing del to enter bios, you know). Reconnect unfreezes immediately. This is definitely more usable than before, but I still want to charge my mouse over night from PC, and my cat still want to have a keyboard nap during the night.
Oct 13, 2022
jxliuI did this just now to try and fix the persistent keyboard chatter. Tried the modern firmware and the accompanying configurator. My keyboard is longer being detected. Lights up and just dies. How do I reset?
Oct 16, 2022
jxliuOn the modern firmware, after powering up a PC connected to a CTRL we sometimes need to repeatedly disconnect and reconnect the USB-C cable for it to be recognized. This is inconvenient and causes unnecessary wear. When can we expect a fix?
Feb 3, 2023
jxliuI take it you are no longer working on updates for these keyboards? Looking at the official GitHub page it would seem the last attempt at an update was made a year ago.
Mar 5, 2023
GadeYea after reading another user's comments it hadn't occurred to me that I could load via or QMK onboard instead of Drop's firmware. Definitely gonna look into that.
Mar 14, 2023
jxliuFunny thing, I was going down the rabbit hole of figuring out how to write or modify GMK firmware for my Drop Shift keyboard to change keyboard layouts on the fly using VIA. Maybe try to build fun LED patterns, which I don't have the time for, but it might be a fun project. Then I realized you guys finally created some software for the keyboards. I'm glad you finally have GUI software to change keyboard layouts and add layering, but it doesn't look like you can control anything regarding LEDs. It's a huge letdown. The website configurator doesn't offer much when it comes to LED patterns. You have the default options and stagnant colors. It also doesn't look like anyone has merged the latest firmware with QMK Git repositories in case people want to go another route and try to do it themselves. Please, take the time to add some value to your brand by expanding the functionality of your keyboards. It would go a long way to convince others that you care about the user base.
Jul 9, 2023
jxliuThanks! I flashed the Modern version using the Drop Keyboard Configurator windows app for my CTRL and fixed the problems of keyboard not being able to wake up PC with keyboard and having to reconnect USB.
Oct 24, 2023
jxliuI just compiled QMK for my CTRL v2 and am unable to flash it from Linux. tinyuf2 expects the presentation of a USB flash drive when in the bootloader and that is not happening for me. I do have a USB device labelled 'CTRL v2 Bootloader' but nothing else. Please assist
Oct 24, 2023
frooddudeWell, that was dumb. Had a pending kernel update so whatever magic was supposed to happen didn't. Curious that there were no errors logged, but oh well. It's done and works.
Nov 24, 2023
jxliuHello, and thank you for continuing to work on this. I only found this update just today, and previously I've making my own configuration for the Carina I own through the Massdrop QMK fork ( I tried flashing the "VIA" firmware from the new Keyboard Configurator application, and while the flash does succeed with a functioning keyboard, it does not get recognized in VIA even after loading the .json design file. I then tried to flash the "XAP" firmware, which also works, and the configuration works. While it is not as UI-friendly as VIA, it does the job, and I look forward to it maturing to its full potential. I do have one feedback/simple feature request -- would it be possible to add a "Enter your own keycode" option for setting a key? I enjoy using QK_GESC (QK_GRAVE_ESCAPE) in my keymapping, but it has not been included in Drop's web-based configurator as well as this new application. It was a big reason why I had been building my own keymaps until now, and it would be really great if it gets added as a feature (VIA has this option). Thank you so much!
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