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How to Configure your Drop Keyboard!

Hey everybody! Thank you for purchasing your Drop Mechanical Keyboard. We hope you’re enjoying it so far. If you’ve landed here, you probably want to take full advantage of the keyboard’s features so you’ve come to the right place. We’ll start with the basics, then we’ll move on to complete custom configuration.

Default Hot Keys - All Drop V2 keyboards, SENSE75, and CSTM80 Hold FN + listed keys to activate LED Keys
Fn + W: LED Brightness Increase Fn + S: LED Brightness Decrease Fn + E: LED Animation Speed Increase Fn + D: LED Animation Speed Decrease Fn + R: LED Hue Increase Fn + F: LED Hue Decrease Fn + T: LED Saturation Increase Fn + G: LED Saturation Decrease Fn + Q: LED Toggle (All, Keys, Edge, Off) Fn + A: LED Next Pattern Fn + Z: LED Mono Color Mode Fn + X: LED Breathing Effect Fn + C: LED Rainbow Mode Fn + V: LED Rainbow Pinwheel Mode Keyboard Option Keys
Fn + N: Toggle keyboard 6KRO/NKRO (Default state 6KRO)  Fn + LCtrl + O: Windows / Mac OS Swap (System / Alt location change) Fn + LCtrl + |\: LCtrl / Capslock Swap Fn + LCtrl + Backspace: Reset Keyboard Default Hot Keys - All Drop V1 Keyboards Hold FN + listed keys to activate LED Keys
Fn + A: LED Pattern - Select previous  Fn + D: LED Pattern - Select next  Fn + Q: LED Pattern - Decrease scrolling speed (for animating patterns) Fn + E: LED Pattern - Increase scrolling speed (for animating patterns)  Fn + Caps Lock: LED Pattern - Change scrolling direction (left to right, right to left, bottom to top, top to bottom, radial center to edge, radial edge to center) Fn + W: LED - Increase brightness  Fn + S: LED - Decrease brightness  Fn + Tab: LED - Toggle breathing effect  Fn + X: LED - Toggle all LEDs off/on  Fn + Z: LED - Toggle mode (keys + edge, keys only, edge only, all off)  Fn + R: LED - Increase brightness of edge LEDs only (up to brightness of keys LEDs)  Fn + F: LED - Decrease brightness of edge LEDs only  Fn + V: LED - Toggle every other edge LED off Media Keys
Fn + Page Up: Volume Up  Fn + Page Down: Volume Down  Fn + Print: Mute  Fn + Insert: Play/Pause  Fn + Home: Stop  Fn + Delete: Previous Fn + End: Next  Keyboard Option Keys
Fn + N: Toggle keyboard 6KRO/NKRO (Default state 6KRO) Flashing
Fn + B (hold for three seconds then release): Put keyboard into firmware flashing mode (also referred to as “resetting the keyboard”)
CONFIGURING YOUR KEYBOARD 1. Download the Drop Keyboard Configurator application. 2. Launch the Drop Keyboard Configurator application. After the application launches, make sure your keyboard is identified and then click Configure Keyboard. If you are using a CTRL V2, ALT V2, or SHIFT V2 keyboard, your keyboard will be recognized right out of the box. If you are using a SENSE75, CTRL V1, ALT V1, or SHIFT V1, first go to the "FLASHING YOUR KEYBOARD" section below."
3. Press unlock and then press ESC on your keyboard to unlock configuration. Please remember to relock your keyboard after you are done making changes. Note: your keyboard will automatically re-lock 5 minutes after the configurator app is closed.
4. You can now make changes to your keyboard on the fly including changing key binds, LED settings and layers.
  • By default the keyboard will be set to Advanced mode with no safeguards. Remember with layers to always create ways to return to your home layer 
  • Momentary mode is also available for those looking for some customization with guardrails.
  • Remember Boot Magic is always available to wipe your EEPROM and reset the keyboard back to factory settings. 
  • You can access Boot Magic by holding down the ESC key while your keyboard is disconnected.
  • While holding down the ESC key, plug in your keyboard.
Once connected you can let go of the ESC key and the keyboard should be reset.

FLASHING YOUR KEYBOARD  1. Launch the Drop Keyboard Configurator application. After the application launches, click “Flash Firmware”.
2. Follow the flashing instructions in the application. It will instruct you to select the desired firmware file followed by resetting your keyboard. 3. If you are using a SENSE75, CTRL V1, ALT V1, or SHIFT V1 keyboards. You must select and flash QMK XAP in order to configure your keyboard with the Drop Keyboard Configurator application.

For CTRL V1, ALT V1, SHIFT V1 users that would like to continue using the older web-based configurator, see instructions here.
Having any issues or generally need some help?
Let us know in the discussion and we’ll give you a hand.
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Aug 5, 2022
Hi all, we’ve made more firmware updates to the Modern version which we think will resolve all of the reported issues of the keyboard not turning on after PC start-up/restart. The Modern firmware version is also now available for SHIFT and Carina. Please recompile using our web configurator ( ) and flash your keyboard again. If you manually compile your own firmware, you can get the updated code here: . As of August 2022, that branch has features and keyboard support that have not yet merged to the main QMK repository, specifically SAMD51 support using RIOT-OS and the QMK XAP API. For flashing your keyboard, we have released a new desktop application to streamline the process. See the new “Flashing Your Keyboard” above.
Oct 24, 2023
Well, that was dumb. Had a pending kernel update so whatever magic was supposed to happen didn't. Curious that there were no errors logged, but oh well. It's done and works.
Nov 24, 2023
jxliuHello, and thank you for continuing to work on this. I only found this update just today, and previously I've making my own configuration for the Carina I own through the Massdrop QMK fork ( I tried flashing the "VIA" firmware from the new Keyboard Configurator application, and while the flash does succeed with a functioning keyboard, it does not get recognized in VIA even after loading the .json design file. I then tried to flash the "XAP" firmware, which also works, and the configuration works. While it is not as UI-friendly as VIA, it does the job, and I look forward to it maturing to its full potential. I do have one feedback/simple feature request -- would it be possible to add a "Enter your own keycode" option for setting a key? I enjoy using QK_GESC (QK_GRAVE_ESCAPE) in my keymapping, but it has not been included in Drop's web-based configurator as well as this new application. It was a big reason why I had been building my own keymaps until now, and it would be really great if it gets added as a feature (VIA has this option). Thank you so much!
May 28, 2024
I recently acquired DROP ALT V1 from the massdrop era. After installing QMK XAP firmware and changing the keymap, the keyboard flashes and then stops working properly. So I switched to the "original" version, selected that firmware from "Choose file..." and flashed it, and the problem was resolved. However, even after I turn off my PC, the keyboard LED remains lit.After repeating Fn+x many times, the light finally goes out. Is there a way to turn off the LED at the same time as turning off the PC?
May 23, 2024
Adding to the pile of Drop ALT v1 users that bricked their keyboard with the "Modern" firmware version. It doesn't seem very safe at all, and without having a file ready to go to revert back it would've been a pain figuring this out.
May 15, 2024
Is there any way to change single key colors on a shift-v2, as there was on the web-based configurator for the v1? I really miss being able to have the individual keys (and underglow) lit exactly as I want per layer!
May 5, 2024
Got my CSTM65 today. I was trying to load Vial on it. The instructions say left control+Alt+backspace to flash. Couldn't get it to work that way. Randomly I unplugged it Held ESC and plugged it back in. It worked that way. Just a bit of inf if anyone was in the same boat at me.
Apr 16, 2024
Hey yall.. New to this. Just got the CSTM65 and running Sonoma (MAC). Having alot of trouble figuring this out. Do I need firmware/to flash the keyboard? It seems to be recognized and it shows me I can change the configuration/mapping of the keys.. but when I lock and exit out none of the changes are saved. I don't really know how to code but i"m open to any help I can get!
Mar 8, 2024
Where is the CSTM80 QMK source code to comply with the GNU General Public License v2.0 ?
Feb 18, 2024
Does anyone have the code to creating the RGB reactive/ripple effect?
Feb 9, 2024
using modern firmware on my carina completely disables the left usb port. i thought i bricked my beloved keyboard, and only reflashing original firmware on it fixed it. can anything be done about this? id like the improvements from the modern firmware if possible also, does anyone know if there's a way to improve the polling rate on the carina from 125hz to 1000hz? the carina is pretty niche even as far as drop keyboards go, so i havent been able to discern if i can just use regular qmk firmware on this thing yet, or if i have to go through drops configurators
Feb 4, 2024
Cannot flash the original CSTM80 firmware by selecting the option QMK XAP (STOCK) in Drop Keyboard Configurator for Mac. Version: 24.1.30-468 (24.1.30-468) Logs: Flashing file /Applications/Drop Keyboard cp: /Volumes/CSTM80/drop_cstm80_stock.uf2: fcopyfile failed: Input/output error cp: /Volumes/CSTM80/drop_cstm80_stock.uf2: fchmod failed: No such file or directory Bootloader Device Disconnected: TINY_UF2_CSTM80
ertglI'm guessing you are using Sonoma on your Mac correct? There is an issue with TinyUF2 bootloader and Sonoma. If you are using a Mac Studio, I think the problem might be a bit more in-depth and we will need to wait for Apple to address some of the issues. If you are using other types of Macs, you should be able to safely ignore the error message. The firmware should be successfully updated despite the message. You can test this by flashing the VIA firmware and testing to see if that works with VIA and flashing back after if you want to be sure, or you can just test to see if the ENTER key now have reactive LED behavior on the proper animation settings.
Feb 5, 2024
YanboWuCorrect, it's Sonoma. Thank you for the explanation.
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