Aug 30, 2018

Cone shaped steel colander

How do you use this?
kstokley and ltopper

I use it for coffee...
weigh out your grounds, water. Add grounds and 196* water into a vessel (I use a french press beaker), set a 90 second timer, and pour through the colander into my yeti (or similar steel dual walled container). Sort of a french press / pour-over hybrid that I've come to prefer.
I have one, I use it to strain stock. Take the whole pot of simmering vegetables and pour it right through the chinois into another container. Use the wooden pestle to press out the remaining liquid from the veg in the strainer.
I've almost always seen it used with a wooden tool that is of similar length and cone-shaped to press ingredients against the side of the colander, like a food mill. Or alternately the ingredients are pressed by hand against the side. As with tomatoes, it will retain the skins and seeds, inside and the pulp will be quite fine as it is sieved out the holes.