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Need a keycap set for the keychron k2 wireless heeelllllppppp!!

Does any1 know a good keycap set similar to the redsuns one that will fit a keychron k2 wireless? cuz I bought the redsuns tkl kit and some of the keys aren't the right size in height width and length and I really want a better looking set that isn't plain so any suggestions would help 😀 Alright so because of an amazing suggestion that made me feel dumb I added a pic of the keyboard and the keycaps I was missing when I got the redsuns were the alt, fn, control, and shift keys on the bottom right, the home key next to the enter button, the delete key, and the print/prt sc button. So yea any help would once again be greatly appreciated 😀😁😃 P.S. I don't know the profile of the keycaps it comes with and it doesn't say where I bought it (don't know too much about keyboards as you can tell) but the redsuns caps were a little smaller then the ones on my keyboard and I would prefer them to stay the same as the ones on my keyboard that it came with. Also it has gateron red switches if that helps :)

Mar 29, 2022
im sure folks have seen the profile descs but heres a link about them for the newer mech keyboard fans:
Feb 17, 2022
get artifact noir its cool
Mar 24, 2022
somerandomkeebI’m so tempted to grab that set myself but then I look at all my keycaps and realize I’m so monochromatic
Jan 29, 2022
get the Gmk Redsun Kit that's $150 with the base Kit and it should have all the keycaps you need
Jan 7, 2022
Not sure about fit, but I really like the HyperX Pudding keycaps for RBG boards. They feel good, are relatively cheap(25$) and they look great with the way they diffuse colors through the iced-out plastic. They come in both black and white variants so they can fit with any base color scheme you are going with.
Dec 14, 2021
Just get another board.
Feb 2, 2022
it's only because it's a bad board lol
TragestyXI think it's fine. I prefer the K4, but I really prefer my boards.
Oct 23, 2021
I made the same mistake when I tried to replace the keycaps on my K2 so I feel your pain. The Redsuns Red/Blue Samurai does fit on the K2 but you need to get the base kit (and novelties), not the TKL. You need to find a keyboard set that contains the following: Right modifiers (Alt, Fn, Control) x 1u (1.25u standard) Right-shift x 1.75u (2.75u standard) Home x R3 (R1 standard) RGB Light key x any 1u novelty key,  Delete key x R1 (R2 standard),  End x R4 (R2 standard)
Oct 22, 2021
It would be helpful to know which keys you're missing. There's so many keycap sets available in the world, and then different PROFILES for those keysets, and different companies include different amounts of keycaps & compatibilities... Otherwise you're making us have to go over every single key on the Keychron & figure out what size they all are, AND then have to go over every single keycap included in the Red Suns kit, cross-reference them all, and write down which ones are missing. This is why you should always double-check WHAT keycaps you're actually getting agead of time, they all list what the kit comes with & the sizes of the caps.
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