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Are they linear?


Nov 15, 2021
they can be linear depending if you want to change out the cable.... with the cable that it comes with its V shaped.... I put a very thin cable on them and they are very linear now....
May 9, 2023
Take it easy my friend. Physics back and forth. First, it's your own ear and what you hear counts. And if you can't hear any difference between the cables, unless they have a defect and are extremely poorly made, then so be it and you don't have to act as all-knowing sound engineer. I have more than a hundred headphones of all kinds, including in-ears and of course have more than a hundred cables lying around here and have tried a lot more ... WyWires, Corps Cable, Cardas, Toxic, Forza Audioworks, Audioverse, Rotmanns Cables, ALO, Linsoul etc. In fact, you can't hear any(!) difference in sound unless it's cheapest China goods (with bad production)! Whether with a Sennheiser HD 800S, Audeze LCD-X, Hifiman HE1000V2, Dan Clark AEON 2, AKG K812, beyerdynamic T1, Fostex TH-900, Campfire Solaris, Andromeda, Prophile P8, iBasso IT07, beyerdynamic Xelento, Ultrasone IQ, Softears RSV, Oriveti OH500 etc., just to name a few headphones. Of course, there are differences in the look, feel, handling … of the cables But, that's something else. By the way, an old bell wire that used to be used on phone lines is perfect for sound. I was a participant in blind tests where, among other things, such a bell wire competed against arm-thick cables that cost thousands of USD and performed just as well. You couldn't hear a difference if you didn't have the info which cable was connected. And that bell wire transmitted the sound several hundred kilometers. And how long is the cable from an in-ear to your own ear? So, everything becomes extremely relative. No offense intended. Greetings from one who may have wooden ears :-) (Sorry my bad English)
Jul 26, 2023
People that insist that I'm not hearing differences in cables are on some wicked drugs. How does one know what another hears? I have been laughing at these kind of comments for 40 years. Yawn.
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