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Ultralite Tent

Looking for ultralite 2 person tent? MSR ,ZPACKS etc
Erik Michael, Sarah Bradley, and 3 others

Have you seen the Kamp rite tents? They are definitely very nice to sleep in. They have steel left that are about just under a foot off the ground and a cot forms inside. Nothing a pad could make comphy. Kinda wish it could come to mass drop.
I would say the first thing to decide on is free standing or trekking pole supported. Pole supported UL tents mainly have a similar design, using ine or both poles depending on size. Free standing UL comes down to Big Agnes, Nemo and a few others. Next would be to decide on a narrow weight range you'd be happy with. Those two criteria would really limit your options. Finally, the final criteria, unless your rich, is price. I just can't see buying a $600 tent, unless if it set itself up and packed itself. Hope this helps.
I swear by my Big Agnes Flycrerk Ultralight 2.
Although a little heavy for UL, I bought a Ll Bean microlight 2UL, its 3lbs 2 oz (for everything, stakes, fly, pole, inner, stuff sacks...), and has lots of floor space 30.5 sq ft. Pretty good deal for $260 (ish). Its totally freestanding, only the vestibule would "need" to be staked out. I'm wondering, since its a 2p, I have 4 hiking poles. Does anyone make a larger hiking pole tent that utilizes 4 poles for extra space and endurance?
X-Mid 2P. It'll be worth the wait. [Edit: This comment was in response to another comment, which has since been deleted]
2 person? tell me more
It's in the works but still several months off for a pre-sale. I've shared a bit of information on the 2P in this thread on BPL: