Sep 13, 2018

Class D amp to power Harmon Kardon iMac speakers

I have a set of old iMac Pro speakers (the clear balls) that sounded great and I miss using them. There is a way I can salvage them but I need a Class D amp to do so....
I've never taken a deep dive in the world of audio, I used to play bass, I know the difference between tube and solid state (I know I like the look of tubes, but appreciate the usability and no frills of solid)... but don't know what drops on here would be considered a Class D amp.
Any recommendations on a Class D amp?
This is the tutorial by the way :

Good luck with this project. I'd try the DIY forums on Head-Fi for advice.
Thank you... I'm really just wondering if there are any amps available through Massdrop that wouldwork? Do you know?
... anyone....?