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Is meat cooked if the juices are pink?

Many a time have I encountered this situation, whether I'm pan-frying or roasting- the meat fibres seem to be thoroughly cooked, but the juices within the meat still have a pinkish tinge to them. This has baffled me. What actually is considered cooked? Is there a difference between meat-cooked and juice-cooked? O_O

Temperature is the ONLY guide for meat.
I cut myself once and my juices were kinda pink-ish too!
Hmm, that shouldn't be the case. Try cutting yourself again- if results are the same, something could be wrong with your eyes or brain, or it could mean that you're contaminated!
PS: On another note, you could be self-consumed at the moment; this is a thread with regards to food, mister. I hope you didn't get diarrhoea after that, with the possibility that you're contaminated :)
Was okay until I read your response--no diarrhea, but had to induce vomiting!
As a longtime griller/smoker, I will say that one of the biggest leaps I made in the quality of my cooking output was when I completely left behind the idea of cooking by time or "eyeballing" and invested in a good meat thermometer. The most reliable way to know if a meat is at the level of doneness you want is truly to check its temperature. I use an Alpha Grillers thermometer I got from Amazon, and it works great.
It will give you peace of mind to know the food is done, and keeps you from over-cooking "just in case."
A typical conversation when I'm cooking goes like this:
Wife: "How long 'til dinner's ready?" Me: "20 degrees"
Hahaha I like your reply to her! Guess it is time to pull out my Lavatools pro duo... Prior to this, I liked to do guesswork, but sometimes estimates can be off- there are just too many factors. Indeed, internal temperature can't go wrong
What kind of meat are you asking about? It makes a huge difference on the answer to this question...
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The juices for pork and poultry should be clear, but the better way to find out is by using a meat thermometer. There's no guess work that way.
Yep, that I'll do! Thanks ^^