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What are the top headphone recommendations for Nintendo Switch, in terms of performance and paring?

Nintendo Switch is a great portable console, but it lacks in sound quality output for the speakers, and for headphones. After doing research, these are the top complaints for the switch, in terms of sound quality: speakers aren't loud enough, lacks in bass and detail, plays volume very low for headphones, using headphones loses detail. It seems as of now, the Nintendo Switch does best by paring them with IEM's. Lets not give up just yet. Has anyone found out the impedance of the Switch? I came across 12-16 ohm's but, not sure how accurate that is. As of right now, I'm using the Sennheiser HD598 SR which are 50ohm; volume plays very low, and lots of detail missing. So what do you guys recommend for a great pair of headphones with ver low impedance? Seems the Sennheiser HD 598C's and HD 569 (closed back) are both 23 impedance and would work well..but how well?


Sep 23, 2018
misposted earlier, didn't read the end. Low volume huh? Impedance is not the spec you want to look for, sensitivity is. You want sensitive headphones, and if you can find ones with impedance of 50 or higher that'd be good. You could also get an amp, but you'd be double amping if the switch doesn't have a line out (that's a bad thing). SR is rated at 112dB, so you want higher. I'm pretty surprised such a sensitive headphone isn't getting enough volume, must be a really weak amp.
Sep 24, 2018
Cole104Thank you! Figured I mixed up the two (impedance - sensitivity). From the research I have done, many people claim the amp inside the switch is very weak. I'm thinking I should not invest in anymore audio equipment for my switch. I think it's better to wait till Nintendo revises the Switch with a newer model; maybe they will beef up the specs.
Sep 27, 2018
Megazineyes, maybe there's some IEMs if you want something in the meantime. even $50 can buy decent sound IMO, and some IEMs are very sensitive, plus they isolate so outside noise interferes less. In any case, good luck!
Sep 22, 2018
Have you tried a cheaper set of headphones like the Takstar 82 or an inexpensive portable amp? I have a the Takstar 82 pro and while they don't have the sound quality of a sennheiser they work great when you just need something that sounds decent and is comfortable enough to wear without issue. I have even paired it with an offbrand cheap little amp I had laying around called YOHOOLYO and got pretty good results. I don't know what kind of audio the switch puts out but this might work for you and would cost in total about $100, $80 for the headphones and $20 for the amp. You may not even have to buy another headphone, as that little amp worked with my 598SE just fine when I tried it. Hope that helps.
Sep 20, 2018
I’m using Porta Pros with my Xbox through a Pico Slim amp straped to the back of the controller. It’s the only amp that fits. It plays loud with the amp vol at 70%, controller vol maxed.
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