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Just In: Campfire Andromeda S

Just got them in the mail yesterday much faster than what I was originally quoted (was going to be mid-October). Only been listening to them for a few hours now and I'm torn on which is "better." I've had the Atlas for going on 2 weeks now so I'm hoping my ears just need to re-adjust to the Andro S as they couldn't be more different. The Andro S is MUCH more dynamic in the mids than what I remember of the original. When someone is going hard on the drums, it's incredibly intense. Also, vocalists tend to sound like they are all up in your face. Say, if you're in the front row at a concert, the singer has gotten off stage and is just belting lyrics right in front of you. They feel so much more forward than most of the mix. I could also still be used to the strong V-shape of the Atlas so this may not be a fair comparison just yet. Either way, I'll make updates when I get some more ear time with both on more gear.
One thing is for certain; they look absolutely amazing in stainless steel. The Andros are much larger and stick out so they command attention. They are also fingerprint magnets. And are heavier than I remember.
I'll also try to get some better product shots that weren't taken on a potato.

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Thanks for both of your responses they were both useful. The Andros definitely look like the more appealing to my tastes judging from that FR chart but they are still so expensive to get your hands on here in the UK! Been checking eBay daily for a set but they are hard to come by unless your willing to pay RRP and not only that, I’ve heard they are very picky with sources and I’m limited to my mojo and Iphone / laptop with tidal. Don’t want to be in the situatiom where I lay down 1000 and they aren’t for me. The solaris is the dream but I’d have to sell a kidney to afford them at this point! Hopefully when campfire releases their next Homerun it will push down the prices of their current offerings. In terms of which earphones are best suited to music tastes, which ones would you say would play best with rock, metal, male vocals and edm occasionally out of the Andros, Solaris and Jupiter’s?
Honestly, the Solaris. Mainly due to them being a hybrid and having that dynamic driver to cover the lows and mids. While the others have adequate bass, I would say the Solaris is quite good by comparison, especially for the genres you mentioned. Snares, kicks, 808s, etc just have more bite and thump with a natural decay. The lows on the BAs are just a bit too fast and notes decay way too fast (for my taste). Really, it'll boil down to preference. The highs are a toss-up as they all tackle it white differently but when it comes to just the mids, the Andro would win out there. The Solaris is a bit pulled back (which I prefer) so it reduces shoutiness with vocals but you may not like this if you prefer your mids to be more forward and in your face. The Jupiter is arguably the most even keeled of the group. By comparison, it could almost be classified as "boring" but I think it just excels with other genres you don't have listed (folk, country, acoustic, classic, etc).
Great, thanks for your justified response... looks like I better get saving! Seems like there's no such thing as an end game in this audiophile business haha.
May you please share more photos?
Oh my......only god knows how long Ive been trying to find discounted Andromedas...... Huh saga continues! All the best to you though, great acusition thats for sure!!!
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As an aside i picked up a pair of Andromeda S at Black Friday, and they said it would have "finish imperfections" or some such. the IEMs were spotless, not a scratch to the finish whatsoever. of course your mileage may vary.
The S has better mids at the cost of some treble sparkle. If you want a brighter IEM like the Andromeda, it gets hyped alot, but at the same time lots of people return it due to the signature (treble is the focus here, you aren't going to get the best bass in mids but arguably some of the best treble), or impedance issues. It's really up to preference. The S slightly fixes the thinner mids of the regular Andromeda, but it arguably loses some of its character in that process. Just make sure it's what you REALLY want, it's a product of hype for a reason, but it's not really an all rounder.
Nice! Congrats on the acquisitions!
Congratulations! CA makes stellar earphones. I own Vega's and Jupiters.
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When I first got my Vega’s I was thrilled but after the shock and awe wore off, I realized the Jupiters, to me, are actually better. They’re crazy sensitive and detailed and still with all the bass you’ll want. If ALO has a deal on them you won’t be sorry.
While I enjoyed the Vega, I love the Atlas more than anything. It's my current daily and the one IEM I reach for over everything. The Andros, both versions, are just too mid centric and "thin" sounding by comparison and lose a lot of the meat and weight that the Atlas conveys. Really comparatively, unless you're allergic to bass, the Atlas is better over the Andro as it's still a fast DD and their highs have sparkle. I also have the Solaris and very much prefer it as well over both Andros. For Me, it fixes all the issues I had with the Andro and does a better job of representing a 3D space while having some weight behind it's notes (thanks to its DD). They sound very speaker like and dynamic for a hybrid. I tried the Jupiter's ages ago but they are just too laid back and warm for my taste. If you look at their FR, they have less bass than the Andro and more rolled off highs with a pretty big dip from 1.5k to 6k hz. For me, they weren't my cup of tea. Neither was the Andro but it is the better IEM of the two if you prefer a more mid centric sound. Here's a graph comparing them. Green is Jupiter, Purple is Andro:
Still, compared to those two, I much prefer the Solaris I had to get something with balanced armatures. I know it's a hybrid but it's arguably one of the best hybrids I have ever heard. They sound pretty awesome.