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What should I accompany my K7XX with?

Recently, my pair of M30x broke, which prompted me to dedicate ~USD$200 for new gears. I bought them as portable, commute headphones, but the comfort wasn't very good without replacement ear pads so they ended up backup gaming headphones. My current gears are a pair of K7XX with I use the most, a OnePlus 3/iPad/SoundBlaster E3 I plug them into and a pair of Edifier R1700BT for speakers. So, I am currently eyes 3 options:
I could go with the Aune X1s, which is currently dropping here but ends in two days. I read about the K7XX being sensitive to and bringing noticeable difference with quality amps, which hopefully with the Aune X1s will be for the better. If anyone is using these two as a pair, I would love to hear your thoughts.
I could also go with another pair of opens, which will be me waiting for the Sennheisers to either drop here or have a sale in local stores. I want them to be different from K7XX, so that I can taste something different. HD58X was my top pick, before I noticed they don't ship to my place, so maybe the HD6XX or just straight HD660s in stores when they are on sale? ;w;
I could also go with a pair of closed, to directly replace my M30x. I'll be using them in house as well as during commute, in libraries and public study rooms, so isolation and comfort will need to be good. I am currently looking at the beyerdynamics pairs dropping, but I am open to suggestions, wired or wireless, ANC or not.
I am quite unsure on what I should do next, and the option of just saving up is honestly quite tempting when the choice is hard. I am satisfied with my K7XX, they offer supreme comfort, great sound when listening to orchestral music and good gaming directional cues, but I am looking to shake things up a bit. Any suggestions?


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